Denver Colorado Westin Hotel

This 2 bedroom Denver house is pet friendly and is close to the Denver Convention Center, Denver International Airport and some of the best restaurants and bars.

Although located just outside downtown, visitors can enjoy great views of the Denver Convention Center, Denver International Airport and some of Denver's best restaurants and bars. Guests can enjoy the downtown and mountain views from the coveted corner room, which is just a short walk from downtown Denver and a short walk to the Colorado State Capitol.

The skyline of downtown Denver is remarkable, as the magic hour arrives just before sunset. For a fun game, see if you can find the Lannie Clock Tower on 16th Street Mall, illuminated in various colors, or the Big Blue Bear, peeking from the Denver Convention Center. Denver landmarks such as the Colorado State Capitol, Denver International Airport and Rocky Mountain National Park can also be seen from your hotel room.

Denver airport has four murals that are the subject of a debate about conspiracy theorists. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen, a private dining room and an outdoor living room. The rooms offer a variety of amenities including a pool, a spa, a fitness center, a gym, pool deck and even an indoor pool.

Curtis Denver welcomes three pets of any size for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night. Courtyard Denver Stapleton welcomes two pet sizes at no additional charge up to $100 per stay. Two pets are welcome at the Colorado Westin Denver for a fee of $75 / night or $50 / day for two pets. Curtis Denver welcomes three dogs of all sizes for an extra $20 / week for three nights with pets or $40 / month for a pet. For an additional fee, two dogs or two cats or one cat are welcome at any time at the same price as a single pet.

Denver Cherry Creek welcomes two pets of any size up to 80 lbs, for an additional fee of $75 / night or $50 / day for a single pet. Aloft Denver Downtown accommodates two pets of 50 lbs or more for two nights with pets at no extra charge. Denver International Airport allows two pets over 50 lb for the same price as a pet at Colorado Westin Denver and for an additional fee of $75 / stay. Suites Denver Denver Airport and Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau welcome two pets over 80 lb and two cats or one cat for $25 / week for three nights or $40 / month for four nights.

Valet parking at the Westin is available for $35, and Marriott points will soon be available at the Marriott Point. Although I have no doubt that the hotel has an expensive side, it is still a super comfortable and very modern hotel.

The hotel is just steps from the main terminal and there are less expensive hotels nearby that offer free airport transfers. In addition, many hotels near Denver Airport offer shuttle service through the Transit Center. Scheduled buses are also available, but the Hotel Westin is the cheapest hotel for those departing early in the morning or with a late night flight. The delivery service runs from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and weekends.

If you're stopping off for an overnight stay or just traveling fast, the Denver Airport Guide is a great place to plan your visit. To see more options, visit the Westin website, where you can sort by price, distance, travel rating and popularity. Here you will find information about services and facilities at the airport, including free parking, free Wi-Fi and mobile charging points, as well as a list of hotels near the terminal.

Passengers who want a convenient and affordable way to travel between THE, the airport and the Denver metro area can take advantage of the benefits of Regional Transportation (RTD). The A-Line (sometimes called the East Rail Line, but under a sponsorship agreement called "The University of Colorado Line") connects Denver International Airport and Denver Union Station in about 37 minutes. RTd also operates a commuter train line that runs from the airport to downtown Denver via the Union Station in Denver.

Mountain Carrier is a private service that provides direct connections between Denver International Airport and Denver Union Station. Shared ride services, also known as shuttle buses, are offered between the airport and Denver subway locations.

Several companies operate licensed limousine services to and from Denver International Airport and operate pre-booked charter buses to surrounding states. Amtrak offers a ticket service between the airport and Denver Union Station, as well as direct connections between Denver and downtown Denver.

If you consider Denver International Airport to be a convenience in your front yard, this place has one of the greatest amenities. Guests of the Westin enjoy a free shuttle service to and from the airport and Denver Convention Center. Denver Duty Free offers free parking, free laundry and free food and beverages.

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