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In this new series we see where live music is exploding in Denver and why it's so popular. Ruby Hill Park in south Denver, which sits in a park and holds more than 7,500 music fans, will host its first ever music festival. The place is small and usually crowded, but it is known around Denver as one of the most popular music venues in North America. There is no shortage of acts gracing the site, from local acts to big names from across the country and beyond.

Denver's vibrant live scene is packed with established acts and emerging talent from across the country. Denver Botanic Gardens provides the backdrop with beautiful flowers, trees and sculptures for a unique summer concert space. The outdoor seating area features charming modern fixtures and small fireplaces, creating a cozy and warm setting for the coldest evenings in Denver.

Red Rocks is rated by Rolling Stone magazine as America's best outdoor amphitheater, so try your best to secure tickets to a concert here. Live Music recommends this venue, which takes the music experience a step further by offering music workshops with some of the best musicians in town. We recommend it if you are looking for an intimate place to see the biggest country stars.

There are large youth ensembles and various community groups, including the Denver Symphony Orchestra, Denver Public Schools, Colorado State University and Denver Children's Music Center.

Boomfield is a suburb between Denver and Boulder on US 36, which offers easy access to the northern front. Broomfield's music scene is similar to Denver, where nearby Red Rocks is just the beginning of an emerging music destination. There is also a public-private collaboration, launched last year to provide grants and resources to the state's music ecosystem, and a similar city-specific initiative, to be released this month. The first light of the city in the first edition of Colorado Music Week, a weekly series about music in Colorado.

There is a vibrant and vibrant music scene heavily influenced by history, and jazz and blues are found in many iconic locations in the area. Live music is recommended and offers live music with soul, blues and jazz seven nights a week. 93.3 also plays local tunes, broadcasts local shows - until 9pm only, and hosts a variety of live events such as concerts, events and festivals. If visitors to Denver hear everyday bands and contemporary music at these top locations, they won't be disappointed by the many live music offerings. Here are some of the best of them all, plus a list of our top picks for Denver's best local music spots.

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Denver had many ensembles dedicated to the classical genre, including the Denver Symphony Orchestra, Denver Philharmonic Orchestra and Denver Opera Orchestra. The Recording Arts program is an important part of Denver's thriving music industry and a key part of the city's cultural heritage.

DazzleJazz attracts the best jazz and rock artists in Denver and is seen every night of the week. The Dirty Dove Underground offers high-quality acting with bespoke sound systems and lighting that are not found anywhere else in Denver. Denver draws crowds home - adult acts at music venues of varying sizes, genres and atmospheres.

Whether rock or bluegrass, Ogden is home to a variety of music styles that appeal to almost every taste. Whether you're a fan of rock, jazz, blues, country, hip-hop or just looking for great music, Denver has everything you need to find live venues with all kinds of music. Whatever your taste in music, you'll surely find something to please your senses in Denver's ever-changing music scene.

Denver is not just a snow town, though, and our fair city has not one, but three different types of marijuana dispensers. Although not located in Denver, the concert halls are known for their mentioning and are as much a part of the Denver music scene as anyone else. Erico Motorsports is listed as one of the most popular cannabis dispensaries in Denver, so you can create your groove with very little greenery. If you live on the Front Range near Boulder, Colorado has its own very diverse music scene, and artists who live there often play in and around Denver.

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