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While most of my friends are busy picking up ski boots and vertical feet as if they have gone out of fashion, I'm counting down the days until summer returns and wondering if it's socially acceptable to be a snowbird in your 30s. Instead, we'll come up with some alternative pastimes to get you in the mood for winter in Denver. If you are ready to do something instead of heading to the summit this weekend or chilling out during the winter break, read on.

Get into the holiday spirit in the Lichterpark, visit the Christmas market with mulled wine and treats, ride to the epic light show in the water world or drive by with your fur children. Maybe you'll take a fur-loving child home, learn about dog keeping and let your dog have a hotel room (there are certainly many hotels in Colorado (and even Denver)). You can ask the concierge for the best ways to walk your dogs, enjoy the large outdoor seating area, prepare S & M's or more and sip cocktails by the campfire overlooking the mountain.

If you want to get comfortable on a weekend, the more exotic ones are in Pagosa and Dunton Springs further south. If you're looking for a full-day experience, the trip from Denver to Estes Park (where "The Shining" was filmed) is well worth it. The experience of walking through the city lasts only a few minutes, unless you want to take a million photos.

The paths are ideal for work on a leash and heels, and the open fields are great for running out, but not so much for dogs.

Strawberry Park in Steamboat is one of our favorites, as is Sunwater Spa in Colorado Springs, which has a naturally heated mineral tub. Whether you're staying at a luxurious resort - rustic camping in style or just visiting from the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor Gulch, A bath in hot water can cool the body down during a massage. Our favorite spot for a leisurely stroll is the Colorado River Trail, just a few miles south of downtown Denver. Whether it's optional clothing or fun after dark, the pet - Strawberry Park's friendly dog park and pet spa take the host and host (and host - host - for - pets) to a new level.

Another organization that supports adoption is Stanley's Marketplace, which organizes monthly adoptions on the first Friday of each month, as well as a monthly animal adoption fair on Saturdays.

If you want to get a feel for this sport without investing in equipment, or want to have fun while your friends are on the slopes, Copper Mountain offers free snowshoe tours. If you find yourself in it, you might be able to invest in some equipment that you can find in a variety of local shops as well as in local ski shops. You can hike, ski, snowmobile and even snowmobile in the mountains for a fraction of the cost of the equipment you can find at your local grocery store.

Colorado has over 30 natural hot springs scattered across the state, meaning you can visit a different spring every weekend and not be bored. Eldora has some of the best Nordic centers in the states and snowshoeing is a great way to explore Rocky Mountain National Park in winter without falling face down. There are tube rides, adrenaline pumps from alpine slides, horse-drawn sleigh rides and snowcat rides to secluded restaurants and cabins when steep vertical drops are not your thing.

The terrace is small, the beer is so good, and well-behaved dogs are welcome (although we think they are not allowed on the roof terrace). Don't miss the hand-crafted barrel-aged bourbon called Bachelor's Bourbon, used in signature cocktails and sold only in bottles at the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor Gulch. Here's a quick stop at the Colorado Brewing Company's live-to-the-dream beer garden in the heart of downtown Denver. Visit the dispensing and dispensing station, outdoor terrace or one of the many beer gardens in downtown Denver.

They hop in the sled and take turns with you while you glide along on the snowmobile - a towed sled. When the ride is over, you can play with your puppy and jump into the sled with him. We know you can hunker down in Colorado, but try a resort and try to leave the country to get home.

Those who have never tried them can grab snowshoes, and those who are more advanced skiers can climb on a power powder and be thrown into a blue slope pretty quickly. If that wasn't tempting enough, you can call it a "smiling machine," because it gives you as much pleasure as you're spinning mad with joy. Equipping the bike with three ski blades is one of the funnier ways to glide on the snow, but the thigh burns and sharp turns in the stands make hiking in strange shoes safe. Of course, everything has an imaginative name, which makes it sound more complicated than it sounds.

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