Burger King Has Chicken Tenders for the First Time Ever

Published 09-21-2018

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Burger King is the latest of many to offer new fried poultry products. Shake Shack is selling chicken nuggets now, KFC just launched its new hot honey flavor, and Cracker Barrel finally added fried chicken to its menu. There's nothing too crazy to note about Burger King's variety, except they just so happen to be BK's first dive into the tender market. Yeah, really!

Burger King has formerly experimented with all kinds of chicken products, including spicy nuggets and world-famous chicken fries, but the new tenders are somehow uncharted territory. They're described as "whole muscle white meat chicken" coated in "home-style seasoned breading" that are "juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside." Yep, sounds like a tender to us!

An ace reporter for the brand took to the streets of New York, where he asked civilians if they'd ever had them. Everyone shown in the promotional video lied and said they had loved BK's tenders - despite the fact that they've never graced menus before.

After actually trying them, the fib became reality, and everyone raved about the snack on camera. But it is a marketing promo, after all, so we'll take the enthusiasm with a grain of salt and some ketchup.

To celebrate the new product, Grubhub is offering free four-piece orders when diners order $10 worth of Burger King from September 25 through September 30. One two-piece order of Crispy Chicken Tenders will set you back approximately $2.49, and a four-piece will cost you $4.49. For more on the Florida-based chain that fell victim to Wendy's fire mixtape, here are 10 things you didn't know about Burger King.

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