As Colorado turns bluer, GOP congressman loses his district

Published 11-07-2018

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DENVER (AP) - Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has held on to his suburban Denver district for five terms, even as it became more Democratic and more diverse.

But Coffman said Tuesday that resentment toward President Donald Trump and mistrust of the GOP's immigration policies proved too much for him to win a sixth term.

Coffman lost to first-time Democratic candidate Jason Crow. It was one of at least two dozen seats the party took from the GOP and put the U.S. House in Democratic hands.

Three other incumbent Republican Colorado congressmen won re-election, but the rest of the state was trending blue.

Democrats held on to the governor's mansion and defeated the incumbent Republican secretary of state. They were leading in the races for state treasurer and attorney general, jobs now held by Republicans.

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